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Jun 2 '17

Mining for Metals in Western Australia

Mining is an integral part of the Western Australian economy, even with a recent dip in the sector’s value. From the price of houses, to the surface engineering industry, the mining sector impacts every corner of our state in some way. The earth in our resource-rich state holds all kinds of deposits including iron ore […]

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May 8 '17

Shaft Repair: Everything you Need to Know

Shafts are crucial parts in machines, so a failure can mean production comes to a grinding halt while you source a new part. Luckily, the majority of time, shaft repair can be performed instead of having to throw out the damaged part and get a whole new one, saving you time and money. Shafts are used […]

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Mar 10 '17

Surface Spray Protection

Metal surfaces and components need a protective coating for a number of reasons; to reduce wear on moving parts, protect them from the elements, repair damaged surfaces and more. Different thermal spray options are a relatively low cost way to get more life from your parts, so this blog will help show you how to […]

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