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Combustion Powder Spray

Combustion Powder Spray

Powder combustion thermal spraying has been servicing industries for decades with economical, reliable surfaces.
THEORY OF OPERATION: The Combustion Powder Spray process has the advantage of using powdered materials as the coating feedstock. This method offers a much wider range of coating material options. In addition, the use of powder allows for a greater degree of freedom for spray gun manipulation. The spray material in powdered form is fed continually into a fuel gas-oxygen flame where it is typically melted by the heat of combustion. A powder feed carrier gas transports the powder particles into the combustion flame, and the mixed gases transport the material towards the prepared workpiece surface.


–   Rebuild and Salvage Operations

–   Abrasion Resistance

–   Sliding Wear Resistance

–   Impact Resistance

–   Resistance to Chemical Attack

–   Atmospheric and High Temperature Corrosion Control