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Shaft Repair: Everything you Need to Know

May 8 '17

Shaft Repair: Everything you Need to Know

Shafts are crucial parts in machines, so a failure can mean production comes to a grinding halt while you source a new part. Luckily, the majority of time, shaft repair can be performed instead of having to throw out the damaged part and get a whole new one, saving you time and money. Shafts are used in machinery, engines, processing equipment – basically any piece of mechanical equipment to transmit rotary energy from a driving part to a driven part.

Can it be repaired?

The first step is to figure out if the damaged shaft can be salvaged. If it is broken and showing serious signs of fatigue cracking, you might have to get rid of it. But if the failure is the result of wear from overuse or improper assembly, either welding or thermal spraying can solve the problem. You’re in luck!

How we repair damaged shafts

Shaft repair is a multi-step process which starts with a thorough investigation of the damaged part. Once we are satisfied it can be repaired to full working order we machine down the damaged area to remove the signs of wear. This exposes the undamaged surface below which is cleaned and degreased to remove any contaminants. Then we use one of our thermal spraying processes to recreate the surface of the shaft, applying material until the diameter is just a little more than the original. Lastly, we either machine or grind down the excess product to achieve a smooth, even surface and your shaft is good as new!

Welding cracked shafts

In some cases, cracked shafts can be welded back to working order. Welded shaft repair is more risky and shafts are prone to cracking or warping when welded, so welding is not a common practice. Instead most shaft repairers (including here at New Metal Surfaces) prefer HVOF or Arc Spray techniques for a more cost effective and hassle-free repair. Because welding requires the original metal make-up and specifications from the manufacturer, not many shaft repairers will try to weld a cracked shaft.

Success stories

NMS regularly repair shafts for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), gearbox repairers, and engineering firms. We have experience repairing parts for a huge range of brands including David Brown, Rexnord, Siemens, Hofmann, Lightnin, ABON, Flender, Hansen, Brevini and more. When New Metal Surfaces get a shaft to repair we usually turn it around in 5-7 business days to get you back up and running much faster than ordering a part from overseas. Depending on the repairs required we also offer priority service for breakdown repairs, reducing downtime even more.

Not only will we get you back on the job quicker, if the refurbished part gets an HVOF coating it will get a totally new lease on life. Especially for our exploratory drilling and water boring clients the HVOF resurfacing is often tougher and more resistant to abrasion and corrosion than the original surface. We coat seal and bearing areas on shafts with our Chrome Carbide/Nickel Chrome material which can prolong uptime between services. Buying new parts is never an enjoyable task; you have to source the right part, wait for it to be in stock or machined, then there is shipping time and delivery hassles. Shaft repair is entirely possible on a worn part and it can save you serious time and money. If you have a damaged or worn shaft, contact New Metal Surfaces to find out if we can get you back up and running in no time.

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