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Dec 19 '16


When you want a dense, long lasting coating on important components and machinery then consider High Pressure, High Velocity Oxygen Fuelled (HP/HVOF) technology. HVOF produces coatings that really last.

HVOF is a thermal spraying technique, developed during in the 1980s, which combines extremely high pressures and temperature controlled fuels to achieve a dense, low porosity finish. This means less wear over time and corrosion is hugely reduced.

How it works

The immense pressure behind HVOF coatings mean the spray process actually happens faster than the speed of sound. HVOF high particle velocity systems produce incredibly dense, low oxide content coatings. Density is achieved by particles packing tightly together to form an impermeable finish. High flame velocity leads to lower particle dwell time in the flame, reducing oxygen content. These features combine to form a coating that is resistant to wear and corrosive attack.

The coatings can be sprayed to a thickness not normally associated with dense, thermal and spray coatings, perfect for jobs like:

  • Rebuild and salvage operations
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • Oxidation control
  • Atmospheric and high temperature corrosion control

The importance of quality coating

The combination of high density and low oxide content is what makes HVOF so attractive in industries like mining, electrical, electronic manufacturing, industrial automation, automotive, and engineering. In these fields, it is important to employ machinery and components which stand up to heavy use, are non-slip, and resist corrosion.

New Metal Surfaces use the TAFA JP-5000 HVOF system and Model 5220 gun for world leading performance and uniquely durable solutions. The JP-5000 system is the original liquid fuelled HP/HVOF system, engineered to achieve consistently outstanding coatings no matter the job.

Economically sustainable

Unlike many other HP/HVOF systems which run on volatile natural gasses the JP-5000 runs entirely on kerosene. Kerosene is not only more affordable than other fuel gasses like hydrogen and propylene, it is also much more stable in handling.

The Model 5220 gun also saves time and money with spray rates as high as 20 lbs/hr (151 g/min). Coating quality does not drop off at all at higher spray rates so you can turn around parts faster while retaining the same world leading quality.

Safety focussed

One of the reasons we prefer the TAFA JP-5000 system is the attention to detail in terms of safety. When dealing with high pressures, flammable materials, and electrical components in one state-of-the-art machine it’s important all the bases are covered:

  • Non-volatile fuel (kerosene)
  • Physical separation of electrics from the oxygen, fuel, and water modules
  • Interlocked alarm systems that monitor every stage of the process to keep the operator safe
  • Consoles designed for stability and ease of use
  • Automated safety shutdown processes if combustion does not occur

TAFA HP/HVOF® systems are optimised to produce the best coatings possible at exceptional production rates. For us at New Metal Surfaces that is important for two reasons; one, because it means a consistently high quality finish that will last a long time and two, increased efficiency to get the client’s job done in no time. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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