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If you’re looking for the ultimate wear resistant coatings then HVOF is your answer.

HVOF produces premium quality, dense coatings that exhibit high adhesion to the substrate and boasts excellent wear resistance that results in extended component longevity and profitability.


Every thermal spray process requires a method of propelling the sprayed material onto the work surface.

The essential feature of a thermal sprayed coating is that the particles sprayed, upon impact with the work, must deform enough to mechanically lock into the profile of the surface they impact. Initially, thermal spray technology seemed to center around techniques of heating the particles into plasticity before impact to guarantee adequate deformation. HVOF introduced a new method.

By using a small combustion chamber to generate extreme (essentially supersonic) exhaust velocities, powdered material injected into this focused exhaust stream is imparted with enough velocity that the force of the impact alone is virtually enough to achieve adequate bonding. The kinetic energy of the particles is so great, in fact, that most porosity typical in a traditionally applied coating is essentially hammered out. Low-porosity, denser coatings wear better and can provide more protection per thousandth of an inch applied.


New Metal Surfaces has newly acquired a 6-axis KUKA robot on a 7th-axis linear track to allow spray automation for most components.

The HVOF process uses high volumes of gas flow and tends to be used for the application of high-value, high-performance coatings such as tungsten carbide and cobalt superalloys. For this reason, an HVOF-applied coating will typically cost more than a plasma application of the same material. Additionally, the higher velocities of the HVOF stream tend to remove typical masking materials, and customized hard masking is often required.

Work setup and operation parameters are key in optimising the performance of an HVOF coating. New Metal Surfaces’ role as a coating solutions specialist facility for several industries requires our staff to have exceptional abilities in creating effective procedures for a wide variety of materials on parts of varying geometries.

HVOF coatings are capable of producing deposits with less than one percent porosity.

New Metal Surfaces is specialist in corrosion control engineering and offers an extensive range of thermal spray coating services.


  • Rebuild and Salvage Operations
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Sliding Wear Resistance
  • Resistance to Fretting, Galling or Adhesive Wear
  • Resistance to Cavitation Effects
  • Resistance to Chemical Attack
  • Control of Oxidation and Sulfidation
  • Atmospheric and High Temperature Corrosion Control

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