A Sophisticated Powder Coating System

Reclaim worn, damaged or mis-machined components

Commonly used for the reclamation of worn, damaged or mis-machined parts, twin wire arc equipment can be applied to rebuild components to new sizes beyond OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) tolerances in consultation with subject matter experts.

New Metal Surfaces implements an arc spray process, which uses two metallic wires as the coating feedstock. These two wires are electrically charged with opposing polarity and are fed into the arc gun at matched, controlled speeds. When the wires are brought together at the gun, the opposing charges on the wires create enough heat to continuously melt the ends of the wires. Compressed air is used to atomise the now molten material and accelerate it onto the work piece surface to form the coating.

When coating both metal and non-metal substrates one can utilise twin wire arc spray to:

  • Increase the longevity of parts by making them more resistant to wear, abrasion, or corrosion.
  • Restore worn parts to their preferred dimensions for a lower cost than replacing the part.

For more information about how our arc spray welding and arc spraying process can help your business save both time and money, call us on +08 9359 4211 or see it for yourself at our workshop located at 165 Chisholm Crescent, Kewdale, WA.