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Metal Coatings and Engineering in Perth

New Metal Surfaces | Wear Resistant Coatings and Spraying

We’re proud to be industry leaders in Perth’s surface engineering field with over 26 years’ hard-earned experience and more than 33,000 completed jobs. From our purpose-built workshop in Kewdale, New Metal Surfaces provides the latest coating technology at the highest quality. In other words, we’re well equipped to deliver economical component repairs — as opposed to costly (and unnecessary) replacements — saving you money.

We understand the operational impact and cost of having your equipment and machinery out of action. Our prompt and
efficient service puts components back where they belong and in working order. No job is too big or too small for the New Metal Surfaces team.

It’s our duty to minimise the negative impact our line of work can potentially have on the environment. With the recovery and recycling of materials in our workshop, we strive to prevent pollution and reduce waste wherever possible. Our vision is to create a more sustainable future by preserving and extending the life of worn components, reducing the need for machinery replacements.

Get in touch to see how we can help your business by restoring heavy-duty components and ensuring mechanical properties are functional and effective.