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Metal Coatings and Engineering in Perth

Wear Resistant Coatings and Spraying

We are proud to be an industry leader in the surface engineering field with over 24 years of hard-earned experience and over 33,000 completed jobs. New Metal Surfaces is dedicated to providing the latest coating technology at the highest possible quality, delivering economical component repairs to our long list of customers by saving them from costly repairs.

Do you need ceramic industrial coating or metal spray engineering?

We implement an extensive range of custom machining services with the capability of repairing components to the original specifications from the manufacturer. We work with a range of alloys including tungsten carbide, bronze, steel and plastic, and can deliver and repair a component at a fraction of its replacement cost. No job is too small or too large for our team! See more information about our custom machining and welding services in Perth here.


As an extension to our coating services, New Metal Surfaces is a specialist provider of internal and external diameter grinding. Our grinding services are brought to life by an experienced team of tradespeople, resulting in exceptional quality, handcrafted work that allows for a better surface finish than fine machining. Click here to learn more about our cylindrical grinding process.

Our ceramic coating is a wear resistant coating, which is used in the industrial pump industry on various components to increase service life.

Twin wire arc spraying is ideal for all-purpose spraying, as coatings can be applied at a low cost and with great speed. New Metal Surfaces offers a wide selection of metal services & metal coating materials, from Aluminium to Tungsten Carbide, resulting in high bond strengths, high deposition rates and minimal substrate heating. You can find out more about the metal spraying solutions that we offer in Perth here.

For extended component longevity that results in unmatched profitability, New Metal Surfaces uses HVOF coatings. HVOF produces premium quality, wear resistant coatings with extremely high adhesion to the substrate. For an in-depth explanation of how this works, have a look at our HVOF page.

New Metal Surfaces has a rich history of rebuilding components for our customers. Click here for a list of these components which include hydraulics, automotive parts, water pumps and air compressors to name a few.

We believe that it is our duty to minimise the negative impact that our line of work can potentially have on the environment. Thus, we regularly review our operations in the search of opportunities for improvement. We strive to prevent pollution and reduce waste wherever possible with the recovery and recycling of materials in our workshop.

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